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Covid-19 Info

Golf Course Procedures

The intent of these procedures are to allow for proper Social Distancing of Golfers:

  1. Practice Facility will be open with Restrictions
    1. Driving Range will be available for Golfers Only prior to 10:00am
    2. Range balls will be 9 feet apart in piles
    3. Bag stands, club washers and trash cans are removed from range
    4. Putting greens will  have inverted cups  and no flags
    5. Practice times will be restricted to 30 minutes prior to start times
    6. South Tee will be for Instruction Only
    7. Short Game area at South side of range is open anytime but golfers must use their own golf balls
  2. Montecito 18-Hole Putting Course is CLOSED
  3. Greens
    1. Flagsticks must be left in the cup and not removed at any time
    2. A golf ball extraction tool will be utilized for removing golf ball from cup
  4. Bunkers
    1. Bunker rakes are removed from the golf course
    2. Golfers may lift their golf ball, smooth the bunker with their foot and then place the ball inside the bunker.
  5. Sand & Seed
    1. Individual sand & seed containers are removed from golf course
    2. Sand & seed is available in large containers throughout the golf course
    3. Scoops are removed from inside large sand & seed containers
  6. Restrooms
    1. Recommend golfers keeping disinfectant wipes on hand for use
  7. Ice & Water
    1. Golfers must bring their own beverages
    2. Cups, lids and straws eliminated
    3. No ice chest or ice/water machine available for use (all water fountains are turned off)
  8. Golf Cars
    1. Sand bottles, coolers, tee, pencils and scorecards are removed
    2. Touched areas are sanitized before each use (steering wheel, handles, seats, etc)
    3. Golfers responsible for loading their own bag on golf car
    4. Upon completion of round, golf car is parked at East entrance to cart barn
    5. Golfers are requested to dispose of their own trash in appropriate receptacle