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Other News

July 26, 2021 Rain Event

Below are a few images from the rain event that took place on Monday, July 26.  The golf course recieed approximately 15M Gallons or 46 Acre Feet of water after just a few hours of rain.

Driving Range on 7.23.2021
- Area was flooded to remove water from Back 9 of South Course.

South Course #10 on 7.26.21
- This phot was take from green toward tees. Entire length of fairway flooded with rain water.

South Course #10 on 7.27.21
- Water remained about waist deep after a day of work.

South Course #3 on 7.26.21
- Image shows the amount of additional debris that enters the golf course when flooding occurs.

North Course #11 on 7.26.21
- Another example of the amount of debris that enters the golf course.